For me it all started in 1977, when Dj Larry G, and MC Eddie O'Jay formed the TNT Crew in Laurelton, Queens NY. The TNT Crew added additional members MC Billy B, and promoter Dead Fred. At the time we were doing jams in Cambria Park and numerous house parties. It was at this time Dj Larry G, who's Dad owned a Dry Cleaner's (Norm’s Nu Klean) on Burnside Avenue in the Boogie Down across the street from Grand Master Caz, leader of the "Cold Crush 4". met with him. Soon after we met Jerry D. Lewis (JDL) and invited the Cold Crush to one of our Block Parties in which they gave a great performance. They then asked that we come to the Bronx and do a show at the Allerton Roller Rink. By 1978 my cousin Eddie O'Jay and I formed the "Clientele Brothers" it was then we made numerous mixed tapes and got our name known. We did shows with the “Albino Twins” (Charlie Chan & Kid Lance and Dj Jesse James, The SuperLover MC’s and Dj QuickSilver, Chucky Chuck & the Rappermatical 5, The Terrible 2 (Rapper Ron & Easy T), and “Baby D & Ultra Sounds.  Back then I was known as Dj Mr. Gene of the Clientele Brothers. By 1981 we added “Easy-E" and "Will Seville" It was then we met promoter Les Love who put us up against some of the Bronx's finest. We did shows with the likes of the “Funky 4 featuring Sha-rock, Grand Wizard Theodore, Kevi Kev and the Fantastic Romantic Freaks, “Busy Bee Starsky”, Fonda Rae, Strafe, Phyllis Hyman and many more. After the departure of "Easy E", we added MC "Mikey D". It was then Mikey D who introduced O'Jay and myself to a youngster named James Todd Smith "LL Cool J" a raw but talented MC. At the age of 15 O'Jay and I adopted the young LL Cool J whom I asked what his named meant and he stated Ladies Love Cool James, and he was eager to learn practicing about every day with us.  Fast forward O'Jay, Will Seville, Mickey D, Dj Johnny Quest and myself were asked to do a promo for Jesse Jackson's Presidential Campaign. It was then I made my MC debut as Gene West. It was there we met the Aleems (Taharqa & Tunde Ra) and Leroy Burgess ("Release Yourself",  "Confusion", "Fine Young Tender") and spent time in the studio with them while they were making their hits. We continued doing shows in the New York, Tri-State area mostly small clubs and the Springfield Tennis Club.  After hanging out and partying at Bentley's, Silver Shadow, The Garage, Latin Quarters and the Savage, I fell in love with House Music. House Music was not just music, it was a feeling. In 2010 DJ Kraven was born and my quest to keep em on the floor craven for more was adopted. So I would like you to invite you to join me and Dj Skill every week in "Da Club House" ..... ;)