It all started for me in 1979 after witnessing a DJ spin Rappers Delight at my aunt’s house party in Flatbush Brooklyn.  I was 12 years old and in awe of witnessing a live DJ up close doing his thing on the wheels of steel.  I recall immediately saying in my mind, I want to be an MC. Now bear in mind I was completely fascinated with the intricate and artistic creativity of being a DJ however I vividly recall often times like so many of us way back then rapping in front of the mirror and reciting Rappers Delight- Sugar Hill Gang verbatim  from beginning to end consistently while thinking I was an MC.  LOL. Now I always had a keen ear and love for the Disco music of the 70s as well due to my mother God Bless her soul. She would always bring home 45 and 12 inch records every week with all of those classics. I will Survive - Gloria Gaynor, Ring my Bell-Anita Ward, Good Times- Chic, Movin- BrassConstruction, Love Hang Over-Diana Ross, Love is the Message-MFSB and so many more!!!   But again to reiterate Rappers Delight just had that combination of Disco and the art form of rapping that really did it for me! During my following years of growing up in DO or DIE Bed-StuyBrooklyn I encountered and had the privilege of observing at block parties and park jams numerous street DJs and MCs who had a substantial impact and influence on me with respect to this music game. Such names as DJ Grand Master Flowers, DJ Frankie D, DJ Darryl Ice, DJ Funk Master, DJ Rated X (RIP), MC Johnny D, MC G- Kool the Body Rocker, MC E.Z- Rock, MC Shaz and numerous others.  During this time I became MC Grand-G. LOL. Those were the days! I credit DJ Darryl Ice with teaching me how to scratch and myself with how to mix. I would do tapes, parties, shows and battles with our crew The Crown Heights Nation. I must admit that during that time I still collected various genres of vinyl records to either rap to or keep in the stash because I loved to dance. I still have the same collection which has expanded to thousands of records over the years. I was a true club head back in those days always eager to attend a good club with good music, The Paradise Garage, Red Parrot, Roxy, Latin Quarters and the list goes on! To sum it up I was approached by a good high school friend King of Chill who asked me to be his DJ for the group Alliance. We dropped an album in 1988 We can get used to this on Atlantic Records First Priority. I did shows with our label partners the Audio 2, MC Lyte, Positive K as well as Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base and so many other hot rap groups of the era back then and the rest is history. So I would like you to invite you to join me and Dj Kraven every week in "Da Club House" ..... ;)